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The Merchant Trust Initiative & eWAY

By the end of 2019, our goal is to have 100% of our merchants educated on cybersecurity and data protection requirements, and be PCI DSS compliant.

$149.95 inc. GST establishment fee
+ a $9.95 inc. GST monthly fee waived for the first 12 months

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Only applicable if you process credit card transactions, and only applied after your first 50 transactions have been processed.

The state of small business cybersecurity in Australia and New Zealand


Australian small business that have fallen victim to cybercrime in 2017.1


The amount of money cybercrime costs the Australian government annually.2


The percent of small businesses who don't take proactive measures to avoid a data breach.2


The number of staff members that hackers need to bypass to gain access to your business' data.

1. Norton SMB Cyber Security Survey Australia 2017. 2. ASBFEO Cyber Security Research Report 2017.

Benefits of The Merchant Trust Initiative

Access to cybersecurity experts, whenever you need it

24x7x365 phone and email support

Cyber liability insurance

Eligibility for an exclusive discount on Cyber Liability insurance through our partnership with BizCover. Terms and conditions apply

TrustKeeper PCI manager

An all-in-one solution that helps you meet your PCI DSS compliance requirements, simplifying certification

TrustKeeper portal

Access to Trustwave threat detection portal, including vulnerability and network security tools, security awareness training and endpoint monitoring

Education and knowledge on cybersecurity and privacy topics

Access to the Merchant Trust Initiative portal that includes practical guides, education materials, resources and support forum to help you and your staff implement and maintain good cybersecurity and data privacy practices

Increase Trust

Your customers can be assured that their personal and payment card data has been treated in the safest way possible, decreasing the chances of payment card data being stolen.

We want to empower you

At eWAY, the cybersecurity of our Australian and New Zealand merchants is paramount. That is why we are taking proactive measures to ensure that our merchants take steps to protect their business from falling prey to cyberattacks. There is a general perception from small businesses that hackers are more likely to target a large corporation rather than waste time on them, however small businesses tend to have weaker online security, making them a likely target. Furthermore, 58% of malware attacks in 2017 were targeted at small businesses3. We want to empower you to safeguard your business and its future.
3. Verizon, 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report


Are you interested in finding out more about cyberattacks, data protection or the PCI Data Security Standard? We have curated the best resources to educate you on what is happening in Australia right now and your responsibilities.

What is PCI Data Security Standard and why should I care?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is an information security standard for organisations, it is mandated by the card brands and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Understanding the Risks - The explosion of cyber-fraud and why you need to protect your business

The impact of a cyberattack on your business can be devastating. In some instances, an attack can be catastrophic, with many years of blood, sweat and tears destroyed by a single piece of malicious code.


For further information about The Merchant Trust Initiative, cybersecurity, data protection or PCI DSS, read our frequently asked questions now.

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